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Your work is your life. But workplaces aren’t always idyllic retreats, and despite even the best efforts of employees and employers to get along, sometimes conflicts arise. We specialize in helping to avoid those conflicts, resolving them in their infancy, and litigating vigorously when necessary to protect our clients’ workplace rights.

How We Can Help You

Have you been wrongfully terminated from your employment for reasons that would violate public policy?
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Were you discriminated against? We are here to help you stand up for your rights to be free from unlawful discrimination in the workplace.
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Have you been harassed or subjected to a hostile work environment by a co-worker or supervisor?
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Were you not paid all the money you were owed for time worked or overtime performed?
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Did you have a contract with your employer that was breached? Did the employer not pay you all the money that was owed under the contract?
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Did your employer fail to provide you with ten minute rest breaks or a thirty minute meal break as required by law?
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Did you report or decline to participate in illegal activities your employer was conducting?
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Both employers and employees have certain rights to the intellectual property and trade secrets cultivated at work. Did you have intellectual property stolen from you in the workplace?
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Bryan has been named a Super Lawyers Rising Star for 3 years running, 2015-2017.

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