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The Lazarski Law Practice, P.C. is devoted to assisting you in all employment-related matters. Bryan Lazarski has years of experience in nationally and internationally renowned labor and employment practices (Greenberg Traurig, Jackson Lewis, Buchalter Nemer) working on behalf of many of the world’s largest employers, litigating and advising on all aspects of the employment issues. The mission in founding this law firm is to make our skill and experience available to you in a way that is both personalized and cost-efficient.



Employment disputes can be adjudicated in many different forums and it is important to know their subtleties when litigating. Mr. Lazarski has successfully litigated matters in the state and federal courts of California, before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, and in proceedings before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing, the U.S. Department of Labor, the California Labor Commissioner, and the National Labor Relations Board. Mr. Lazarski also has extensive experience with private arbitration and mediation.


Personal injury lawyers or general business litigators might call themselves employment litigators, but it takes a true specialist to understand the nuances of California’s complex labor laws to effectively handle employment matters. Mr. Lazarski has specialized his entire career in litigating employment matters and is keenly aware of those nuances.


Every lawyer claims to be a pitbull when pitching a client, but all too often clients are disappointed when that same lawyer turns out to be lazy and unresponsive once engaged. We limit our caseload to allow us to give each client personal attention and be as aggressive as possible at every step of litigation, from pleadings through discovery and trial. The philosophy is simple – the more aggressive lawyer usually gets the better result for his client.


A “Mill”

Many firms care more about volume of cases than quality of work, which ends up being a gross disservice to their clients. We only take on cases which we believe have merit and that we have the capacity to pursue aggressively, and we litigate those cases to the extent necessary to achieve the result warranted. If that means taking the case through trial, or filing an appeal, so be it.


Technological advances have allowed litigators to cut back on unnecessary overhead in recent years. The need for the type of bloated overhead some older firms still carry is an unnecessary relic that only serves to inflate costs for the client. We operate “lean and mean,” staying current with technology, and passing along our cost efficiency to you while losing nothing as to the quality of our work product.


Staying current on legal developments is key to survival in the ever-changing world of California employment law. Whether it be the ever-evolving body of state case law, the developing federal body of law on class action and arbitration procedures, or emerging laws affecting hot button issues like social networking, employee privacy, or discovery of electronically stored information, we stay on top of the latest and adjust accordingly if a change in law affects your case (… and it happens).

Our Fee Structures

We offer flexible and alternative fee structuring that allow us to handle your case at competitive rates, including contingency fees where we don’t get paid unless you recover money. Click here to learn more about contingency fee structures.